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Undergraduate Degree Admissions Guide for International Students of Shanghai Business School

Shanghai Business School Introduction:

Shanghai Business School is a distinctive public undergraduate institution with a focus on business education. It originated from the East China Branch of the Central Taxation School, established in 1950. The university has been comprehensively developed as a high-level applied business school with a prominent geographical advantage and strong programs in commerce and related fields. Over the past five years, it has received 8 Shanghai Teaching Achievement Awards and more than 60 projects for first-class undergraduate courses, quality courses, and key courses. In 2021, the university offered 30 undergraduate programs. Five majors, including Business Administration, Hotel Management, E-commerce, International Economics and Trade, and Logistics Management, are designated as national first-class undergraduate programs. Eight majors, such as Finance, Computer Science and Technology, Marketing, Business Economics, Food Quality and Safety, Information Management and Information Systems, Accounting, and Tourism Management, are designated as Shanghai first-class undergraduate programs. Nine majors, including Taxation Studies, are designated as experimental programs in Shanghai's applied undergraduate education. Four majors, including Business Administration, Hotel Management, E-commerce, and Marketing, have obtained ACBSP international accreditation, achieving full coverage in the Ministry of Education's New Liberal Arts, New Engineering, and New Agriculture projects. Over the past five years, students have won over 1,100 national-level awards in various competitions such as the World Skills Competition and the "Challenge Cup," and the overall employment rate of graduates has remained stable at above 96%.

Offered Majors:

Business Administration (Chinese-taught, English-taught)

Retail Management (Chinese-taught)

Marketing (Chinese-taught)

Logistics Management (Chinese-taught)

Finance (Chinese-taught, English-taught)

Financial Management (Chinese-taught)

Accounting (Chinese-taught)

International Economics and Trade (Chinese-taught)

E-commerce (Chinese-taught)

Admission Requirements:

Citizenship: Applicants for undergraduate programs must be non-Chinese citizens.

Age and Educational Background: Applicants should have a high school diploma or higher.

For Chinese-taught programs: Age should not exceed 25 years old.

For English-taught programs: Age should not exceed 30 years old.

Language Proficiency:

For Chinese-taught programs: Applicants should achieve HSK Level 4 or above and meet the language requirements of the desired college.

For English-taught programs: Applicants should have proficient English language skills for studying.

Scholarship Categories:

A-category includes tuition fee, accommodation fee, living allowance, and medical insurance fee.

B-category includes tuition fee and medical insurance fee.

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