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The entry guide for international students in China is here Guide for International Students Entering China

Dear foreign friends, welcome to choose China as your study destination and experience a different culture and learning environment. Before you enter China, I would like to share with you some important considerations for international students, hoping to help you start your study life smoothly.

1. Report to school, register, and pay tuition fees.

This is a very important step because according to school regulations, if you do not pay tuition fees, the school may not recognize your academic status or provide accommodation. So, please make sure to pay your tuition fees on time and keep the receipt.

2. Medical examination

The school will take you to a local institution for a medical examination, and a fee is charged for the examination. The medical examination is to ensure your health and safety, and it is also a necessary condition for applying for a residence permit. Please cooperate with the medical staff and fill in the form as required.

3. Apply for a residence permit

According to Chinese law, foreign students coming to China can apply for an X1 visa or X2 visa. X2 visa is used for short-term study within 180 days, and no residence permit is required. X1 visa is used for long-term study over 180 days, and a residence permit must be applied for within 30 days after entry. The residence permit allows you to legally reside and study in China, so it must be kept safe. In addition, it is recommended that you pay the tuition fees for one academic year at a time; otherwise, the school may only give you a half-year residence permit, and the residence permit needs to be renewed once a year.

4. Purchase insurance

After entering China, the school will require everyone to purchase the necessary insurance (sometimes paid together with tuition fees) to ensure that you can receive timely assistance and compensation in case of accidents or illness. Unnecessary commercial insurance can be purchased according to your individual needs.

5. Open a bank account

Generally, opening a bank account requires a school introduction letter and a residence permit, so applying for a residence permit is very important! Opening a bank account can facilitate your money transfer and spending in China.

Tips before entering China

We have already mentioned the important considerations after entering China, and now we also have some tips before you enter China!

The following materials are required for visa application:

- Original and copy of passport

- Original and copy of admission notice

- Original and copy of JW202 form

- Two recent passport photos

- Medical examination report (required by some countries or regions)

- Other materials that may be required (depending on the regulations of different countries or regions)

Before departure, we recommend that you prepare the following:

- Carry enough cash or credit cards for emergencies

- Carry some common medications, such as cold medicine, painkillers, and anti-inflammatory drugs

- Carry some food or snacks that suit your taste, in case you are not used to Chinese food

- Bring some clothes and shoes suitable for the Chinese climate, as well as some personal items

- Bring some books or materials about Chinese culture, history, geography, etc., to facilitate understanding of China

- Bring some small gifts related to your own country or culture, to facilitate communication with Chinese friends

During the flight, we recommend that you pay attention to the following:

- Keep a good mood and physical condition, avoid excessive tension or excitement

- Drink plenty of water, drink less alcohol, and avoid dehydration or drunkenness

- Exercise more and sleep less to avoid poor blood circulation or jet lag

- Fill in the entry card and customs declaration form truthfully with personal information and items carried

When entering China, we recommend that you pay attention to the following:

- Carry important documents such as passport, visa, admission notice, and JW202 form with you and keep them safe

- Follow customs regulations and do not carry prohibited or excessively limited items

- Answer honestly when questioned by customs personnel and do not conceal or lie

- If you encounter difficulties or problems, you can contact an intermediary company or directly contact the school

- If international students need to stay with friends or relatives, they must register with the local police station. If staying in a hotel, there is no need to register with the police station.

List of items that may be needed during the study period:

- Electrical appliances: laptops and their accessories, power converters, transformers, mobile power supplies, etc. (China's standard voltage is 220V, and the picture shows China's standard socket. Please bring voltage conversion equipment by yourself)

- Bedding: sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, bedding, etc.

- Toiletries: slippers, bath towels, towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.

- Clothing: China's territory is vast and the climate varies greatly, so it is difficult to have a unified clothing standard. Please prepare clothes according to the climate of the school's location.

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