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Shanghai Ocean University
Shanghai Ocean University
Chinese Name:上海海洋大学
Founding year:1912
School Nature:Public universities

School Features:Double first-class university
Popular majors:Aquaculture、Biological、
Marine Fishery 
Science and Technology、Marine Resources and Environment
Shanxi University
Shanxi University
Chinese Name:山西大学
Founding year:1902
School Nature:Public universities

School Features:Double first-class (2022)、111 Plan (2018)

Popular majors:International Economics and Trade, Tourism 
Management, Computer Science and Technology
Northeast Normal University
Northeast Normal University
Chinese name:东北师范大学
Founding year:1946
School Nature:Public universities

School Features:Double first-class (2017, 2022)、Project 211
 (1996)、Project 985(2009)、111 Plan (2015)
Popular majors:Chinese Language International Education , 
Computer Science and Technology

      Chinese scholarships

      Chinese Scholarships: When to Apply and How to Win
      As an undergraduate student, you may be interested in applying for a Chinese scholarship. However, it's crucial to know the best time to apply and how to increase your chances of success.

      Chinese Government Scholarship The application process for the Chinese Government Scholarship usually begins in December, and documents are submitted to related organizations or agencies in January and February. The deadline is in April, but it's advisable to give yourself extra time for the process.

      Local Government Scholarship If you're interested in applying for a Local Government Scholarship, start preparing your documents in December and submit them before March. The deadline for most local government scholarships is in June.
      University Scholarship The best time to apply for a university scholarship is from January to May. However, some scholarships are available throughout the year.

      Enterprise Scholarship For an enterprise scholarship, the best time to apply is from January to April.

      Scholarship for Enrolled Students If you're already enrolled in a university, the best time to apply for a scholarship is in September.

      It's important to note that not all universities in China offer these five types of scholarships. Therefore, if a scholarship is crucial for you, consider choosing a university that provides the scholarship you're interested in.

      To increase your chances of winning a scholarship, it's essential to ensure that your application documents are complete, accurate, and well-organized. Your grades and achievements are also significant factors that may determine whether you win the scholarship.

      In conclusion, the application process for Chinese scholarships varies depending on the scholarship type and the university. Still, by knowing the best time to apply and having a well-organized application, you may increase your chances of winning the scholarship you're interested in.

      Tips to Apply for the Scholarship

      Applying for scholarships can be a challenging process, but with the right approach, you can increase your chances of success. Here are five tips to help you apply for a scholarship:

      Apply Early: One of the most important things to remember is to apply early. Scholarship application deadlines are often limited, and you need to apply on time. Applying early gives you more time to prepare your application documents and ensures that you have enough time to make any necessary changes.

      Contacts: Try to get in touch with someone from the university or the scholarship provider to check that your application documents are correct. They can also provide you with more information about the scholarship and give you advice on how to increase your chances of success. Services like CUCAS can help you make these important connections.

      Prepare Documents Carefully: Make sure to prepare all of your application documents carefully. Double-check that everything is correct and that you have included all of the required information. If you miss something, your application may not be processed.

      Learn Chinese: If you are planning to study in China, it is highly recommended that you learn Chinese. Not only will it help you communicate better with the locals, but it will also show your commitment to studying in China.

      Get High Grades and a Good CV: Scholarships are often awarded to high-achieving students who demonstrate academic excellence and strong leadership skills. Focus on keeping your grades up and getting involved in extracurricular activities. Additionally, having a good CV with relevant work experience, high scores, or unique project experience can also increase your chances of success.

      In conclusion, applying for scholarships requires time, effort, and attention to detail. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of success and make your dreams of studying abroad a reality. Remember, no one can guarantee a scholarship seat, so be wary of anyone who promises you one.

      China Winter Camp Programs

      What is the Application Process for China Winter Camp Programs? The application process for China Winter Camp Programs can vary depending on the university you are applying to. Generally, you will need to fill out an application form and provide some basic information such as your name, nationality, and contact details. You may also need to submit some additional documents such as your passport, academic transcripts, and a statement of purpose.

      Once your application is received, the university will review your materials and make a decision on whether or not to accept you into their winter camp program. This process can take anywhere from 1 to 9 weeks, depending on how long it takes for the university to issue the JW202 form.

      If you are accepted, you will typically be required to pay a deposit to secure your spot in the program. You may also need to provide proof of financial support and custody, as well as any necessary health documents.

      What Are the Study Conditions for China Winter Camp Programs? China Winter Camp Programs are usually short-term centralism training programs that last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. During this time, you will study according to the school timetable and there are generally no holidays. If you need to take time off for any reason, you can ask the teacher for permission to rest.

      There is usually no age limit for studying China Winter Camp Programs, although some universities may have specific requirements. Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens in good health, with reliable financial support and custody. Some programs may also have special course requirements, such as a certain level of Chinese language proficiency.

      When is the Best Time to Study in China? The starting time for many China Winter Camp Programs is at the end of December to early January. During this time, the weather in China can be cold and dry in the north and more temperate in the south.

      If you are hoping to see snow, you may have better luck in the north of China, although it is not guaranteed.

      Common Diseases and Treatment

      During your study trip, it is common to encounter various illnesses such as the common cold, stomachache, headache, and toothache. Although the common cold is a term that is commonly used, different diseases have different symptoms. In China, there are many Chinese patent drugs available to treat the common cold which are not available in other countries. However, you can still buy other common medicines like aspirin in drugstores.

      Non-drug treatments can be effective for certain illnesses. For example, if you are experiencing discomfort due to a cold environment or anger, it is important to rest and drink plenty of water. Consuming hot ginger juice, bland vegetables, and anti-inflammatory fruits can also help relieve your symptoms. Additionally, eating more pears can be beneficial if you are experiencing toothaches caused by a dry environment or bad temper. Exercising regularly can also help boost your immune system and fight off viruses.

      If non-drug treatments do not alleviate your symptoms or if you continue to feel unwell after a day, you can go to the drugstore and purchase over-the-counter (OTC) medicines like "BAN LAN GENG KE LI" and "999 Gan Mao Ling Ke Li" or other Chinese patent drugs. If you are an international student, you can usually find a drugstore near your university or in the busiest parts of the city.

      In some cases, it may be necessary to see a doctor. You can consult with a physician and take antiphlogistic drugs like aspirin or other medications after receiving a prescription. Additionally, traditional Chinese medicine techniques like acupuncture, cupping, and skin scraping can also be effective for treating various illnesses.

      Overall, it is important to take care of your health during your study trip and seek medical attention if necessary.

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